Over the past few months, this global pandemic has taken over the way we live our lives. However, just because we must quarantine, it does not mean you should ignore any non-related COVID-19 illness you are feeling.

What should you do?

It is recommended that you should not go to a doctor or a pharmacy without phoning in first if you are feeling sick. Do not be afraid to consult your GP if you are having any other illness that isn’t COVID-19 related.


Before, pharmacies were only able to accept original prescriptions. However, in the current environment, there has been new legislation put in place. The GP can  email the prescription via Healthmail and Healthmail only. The original prescription is no longer needed but is still valid.

You can pay for your medication by card over the phone. However, if you are self-isolating or cocooning, we offer a free delivery service to the Aghada/Midleton area.

We also deliver non prescription medication if needed. Please phone us for more information.